Marcile Marker'Petrilli POP, LM, MM, CPM

 Just as a woman’s heart knows,

How and when to pump,

Her lungs to inhale,

And her hand to pull back from fire,

So she knows when and how to give birth.

– Virginia Di Orio


Seasons of       Life


After 40 wonderful years of providing midwifery care, Marcile Marker'Petrilli, founder of Birthwise midwifery care, has retired from delivering babies. During all her years of practice she never damaged a mom or newborn.She delivered many moms safely at home to women who were told they could not safely birth a baby vaginally, Twins, Breeches, and many (by todays standards) very large babies. Marcile wishes to thank the hundreds of parents who have shared their very personal and most private moments with her during the birth of their babies.

As the seasons of her life change the love she has for families and birth will always be first and foremost in her heart, she will miss this part of her life each and every day for the remainder of her life. 

As a result of retirement from birth,  Marcile of BIRTHWISE midwifery practice, is now focusing on Pelvic Organ Prolapse Through BIRTHWISE POP

Marcile is referring clients who wish to have home delivery to the following midwives. 

They are:

Natural Care Midwifery 

Gentle Touch Midwifery in Walla Walla 

She is also referring clients to Angela Reynolds CNM (a midwife at Desert Sky Womens Center) For those who wish to have a birth center delivery


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