Marcile Marker'Petrilli POP, LM, MM, CPM



“This beautifully made film answers the question that so many medical professionals ask with incredulity, “Why would anyone choose to have their baby AT HOME?” by sharing the stories of several of the filmmakers own colleagues who made the unconventional choice to give birth outside of the hospital. The families featured in Why Not Home—obstetricians, nurse-practitioners, family physicians—know well the landscape of hospital-based birth: the routine interventions, the stress and difficulty of making autonomous decisions within an institutional setting, the time constraints imposed on laboring women. But so often when a couple chooses to birth at home, they are accused by the medical community, as well as by friends and family, of putting their own needs ahead of their baby’s safety. What this film shows is that one does not have to compromise safety in order to have a powerful, intimate, family-centered birth experience. Home birth IS safe when healthy, low-risk pregnant people are attended to by experienced, well-trained midwives and other birth professionals with ready access to hospitals if the need arises. I believe this lovely and articulate film will change the conversation and open up greater inquiry within the hospitals and medical schools in which the filmmaker intends to screen “Why Not Home?” The public will surely benefit as well.” — Audrey Levine, LM, CPM, Vice President NACPM, Legislative Chair Midwives Alliance of Washington State

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