Marcile Marker'Petrilli POP, LM, MM, CPM


What Homebirth REALLY looks Like

In a 2009 study, Boucher et al. interviewed 160 women who had a home birth in the U.S. and asked them why they chose a home birth. Reasons that the woman gave included:

  • Belief that home birth is safer than the hospital*

  • Desire to avoid unnecessary interventions*

  • Previous negative or traumatic hospital birth experience*

  • Control over birth decisions and choices (want to avoid strict hospital rules)*

  • Dislike of hospitals, doctors, or medically managed birth*

  • Desire for privacy and to avoid strangers

  • Trust in birth as a normal, healthy process

  • Lack of separation from baby, easier breastfeeding initiation

  • Preference for midwives as caregivers

  • Increased options such as delayed cord cutting or water birth

  • Decreased risk of Cesarean birth

  • Comfortable atmosphere

  • Family involvement during the birth (children can be present)

  • Decreased risk of infection

  • History of fast (precipitous) labor where it is difficult to get to the hospital in time

* indicates one of the 5 most common reasons stated

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