Services you will receive

during your maternity care 

I find it important to take the time to answer your questions, share information, and get to know you. I schedule an hour for your prenatal visits and want you to know and trust your birth team (M midwife, Student MW or Professional Birth Assistant). I give you the time you deserve. Time for you, your new baby, and your family.


Prenatal visits are scheduled routinely every four weeks until the 28th week of pregnancy, then every two weeks until 34 weeks. At 35 weeks I will make a home visit to your planned place of birth.  Following the home visit we will meet back at the BIRTHWISE clinic, there  we will meet weekly until you go into labor.  


I strive to be  flexible and accessible, offering additional appointments if needed and available for communication between visits.

I work closely with other midwives, doctors, and diagnostic services in the Tri-Cities area. Referrals for prenatal testing, ultrasound, and lab work are offered and discussed in-depth with you. You participate in the decision-making process. I give you the time you deserve and afford you the respect to be part of your care.


I offer complete midwifery maternity care for women throughout their childbearing year; Pre-conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum.  


One of my main goals during your prenatal care is getting to know you and to assist you in becoming ready for you'r upcoming labor and your out-of-hospital birth. I look forward to meeting you"   

Marcile Marker-Petrilli CPM ,LM, POP.



The Cox Family Home Birth

A beautiful video of what home looks like 

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